ASISS Executive Staff

ASISS excels in the recruitment of off-duty and retired law enforcement, military, and seasoned security professionals, each possessing extensive training and experience within the executive protection industry.

ASISS Executive Staff

ASISS Executive staff consists of retired law enforcement executives and highly trained security professionals from a variety of backgrounds in executive protection and public safety. Together they have a wealth of experience with conflict de-escalation, security assessments, crisis management, personal protection planning, active shooter live-drills, and much more.

ASISS Executive Protection Unit

Our Executive Protection Unit has provided first class executive protection and security services for retail, media, political figures, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, business leaders, senior management, etc.

ASISS Protection Specialists

We specialize in employing off-duty and retired law enforcement, military, and security professionals with years of training and experience in the executive protection industry. Some of our protection specialist are licensed to carry firearms in (50) states in order to maintain a continuous level of protective services for our clients. With associates strategically based across the continent and internationally, our clients are accommodated wherever they are, or wish to go, with the same level of protection and professionalism.

Licensed, Bonded and Certified

Our agents are licensed, bonded, and certified by the NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services and The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, Security Guard Program. They are also licensed, bonded, and certified according to the state/s of assignment New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Kansas, Georgia, in addition to many other states with our teaming partners.