ASISS Executive Protection Unit

First-class executive protection and security services for retail, media, political figures, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, business leaders, senior management, etc.

Special Events

ASISS has been providing specialized services for movie & TV productions, special events, movie premieres, grand openings, and red-carpet events for over thirty-five years. 

Protection and Security Services

Licensed, bonded, and insured under the laws of New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Georgia.

Specialized Support Vehicles & Equipment

ASISS has a fleet of Specially Equipped SUVs for Protective Services, Level -3 Armor SUV Vehicles, Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Portable Handheld Metal Detectors, and more.

The ASISS mission is to provide you with highly trained and professional protection specialists, domestic & international.

We blend the expansive service offerings of a large agency with the individualized attention and dedicated follow-up characteristic of a sole-service provider agency. We adapt our services to respond to the shifting priorities of each assignment. We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach” with the services ASISS provides to its clients. 

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Years of Training and Experience

Continuous Level of Protective Services

High Threat Protection Detail

High Profile Event Security

Static Security

Executive Protection

ASISS Executive Staff

ASISS Executive staff consists of retired law enforcement executives and highly trained security professionals from a variety of backgrounds in executive protection and public safety. Together they have a wealth of experience with conflict de-escalation, security assessments, crisis management, personal protection planning, active shooter live-drills, and much more.

ASISS Executive Protection Unit

Whether your protection needs are brief, long term or you just want to augment your existing security program, we can provide you with the appropriate armed or unarmed agent(s) to suit your situation. Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships and retention. We will provide you with a personal consultation to discuss your unique security needs. Using our considerable proficiency in the field of protective services, we will provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances, goals, and objectives. You can be assured that your needs will be met with the experience and professionalism that ASISS provides.

ASISS specializes in employing off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel with years of training and experience in the executive protection and security industry. Some of our agents are licensed to carry firearms in fifty (50) states in order to maintain a continuous level of protective services. With associates strategically based across the continent and internationally, our clients are accommodated wherever they are, or wish to go, with the same level of protection and professionalism.

Specialized Support Vehicles & Equipment

ASISS has its own Fleet of Specially Equipped Classic SUVs for Protective Services (each equipped with steel safes and light package), Level -3 Armor SUV Vehicle for high threat movement of our protectee, Portable Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Portable Handheld Metal Detectors, Portable X-Ray Machine for light baggage Screening, Portable ID Scanners, Command Vehicle with CCTV Surveillance, and more…

Please Note: All SUVs have tracking devices on them that is monitored at ASISS Command Center for the client’s safety.

Remember, at ASISS, we take protection to the next level because…

“Your Safety Is Our First Priority.”

Specialized Executive Protection Training Academy and Command Center

ASISS also have its own training academy “Shadow Firearms & Tactics Academy” where the agents receive additional training in general instructional topics, specialized instructional topics, and/or firearms proficiency, in our 4500 sq. ft. training academy in upstate New York. Our command center has been instrumental during state and local emergencies.

Please click on the link below for more information about ASISS Training Academy and the training we provide.

ASISS is in the process of building our own outdoor firearms shooting range & training academy on our 44-acre property in upstate New York.

ASISS takes training its agents to the next level, because “Your Safety Is Our First Priority.”

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